How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog for Beginners [+10 Expert Tips]

According to stats provided by Technorati, a massive Internet search engine specifically for searching blogs, a new blog is created and set up every half a second. If we calculate it for a day, then it gives 172,800 new blogs every day! And to compete with these new blogs and outrank popular one’s, the solution is not to work hard but to work smart. You’ll also get tips from top bloggers to drive traffic from your first few posts (Jump to expert tips section)! So let’s start first with Social Media Platform for driving the traffic.

Driving Traffic with Social Media

Using Social Media is one of the best methods for driving traffic (you know that already :)). According to Stats provided Statista, Around 1,712 million Facebook users were active in September followed by 500 million on Instagram, 313 million on Twitter, 106 million on LinkedIn and much more. You can see the picture of it below.

Leading Social Networks

And If you’re posting on Social Media, don’t forget to use Hashtags. They are really helpful in expanding you Social Media reach. Using Hashtags on Twitter increases engagement about 2 times but do not use too much Hashtags as it can decrease user engagement. Using 1 or 2 Hashtags is sufficient. Same is with Facebook, Google Plus, and other Social Media Networks, using an appropriate number of Hashtags can amazingly increase reach.

Using Visual Content

Hashtags increase reach but using Images and Videos makes it Visually great and also increase reach like hashtags. Images attract users to read your post and visit your article’s page. Talking about Facebook, it almost brings 40% more users to post with Images as compared to the one without images, Google Plus’s posts with images get about 2 times more +1s, and same is with Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Media Networks. Remember to create quality content. For every topic you write about, do a proper research with appropriate tools.

Find your Online Friends

Friends always help you to succeed. Isn’t it? Of Course! Find your Friends through Social Media Like Twitter (I use it).

If your content is great, then your online friends will share it on different social medias and you can help one another. Commenting is one of the most helpful ways for getting backlinks and getting into the notice of top bloggers. You must read ‘1 Simple Hack to Blogger Outreach, or How to Find Friends‘ written by Michael Pozdnev. He mentioned some of the best techniques for finding new friends, targeting your audience, getting thousands of shares etc.

Choose Proper Keyword

From Social Media, you can’t get regular traffic until you write regularly. So, Organic traffic (i.e. traffic via searches) is the best way to drive traffic. Once you’ve properly SEO optimized your post, your page will start reaching to the top of searches. It is a slow process but once it is done, it is worth! And Keywords are the basis of SEO. One of the biggest mistakes the new bloggers make is by choosing the wrong keyword. SEMrush helps you to see your competitor’s most viewed page. If there is any topic on which you can write better than them, then do it fast! Some of the best online tools for keywords suggestion are:

According to Tim Soulo, Backlinks are the most important factor behind the ranking of your page.


Variety of Posts

Providing a different variety of posts attracts more users like Giveaways, Roundups, Infographic, Reviews, Tutorials, News, Tips and Tricks etc. Conducting One roundup in 1 or 2 months is enough. It also keeps you in contact with the bloggers or peoples you reach for roundups. It makes your blog more interesting. Types of Blog posts to Boost Traffic & Gain Backlinks by Iftekhar Ahmed shows you great methods for varying types of Posts.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Keep your title shorter than 55 characters. You can use Headline Analyzer for it. It gives you title ideas for your next post.
  2. Use your theme accordingly and visually appealing. Your theme must be SEO optimized and easy to customize. You can try out themes from Mythemeshop. You must use, if possible, premium theme but never use nulled or hacked theme. It really degrades your website ranking and can suspend your account.
  3. There are some must have plugins that every WordPress blog must have. You can also view some more awesome plugins from Mythemeshop and Plugmatter. Plugmatter offers some great plugins like Optin Feature box, Promo Box, Publish to WordPress etc.
  4. Optimize your page loading speed as it can severely affect your new visitors.
  5. Choose a correct domain and hosting provider. It also somewhere affects your blog.

Expert Tips

 Harsh_35060Harsh Agrawal

1) Commenting: The best way for a new blogger to get traffic is by commenting. Find blogs which are relevant to your topic/niche & comment on them. Ensure your comment is detailed one & shows your intelligence. Make sure your comment on a blog which gets higher engagement. This will help you to get highly targeted initial traffic.

2) Google + Communities:  Many Google Plus Communities let you promote your content. You can join those communities (Do read their guidelines first) & promote your content & help others. This works great for a new blog.

Michael PozdnevMichael Pozdnev

1. Always have a list of ideas for a new post in hand. Organize brainstorms, but remember to avoid writing about yourself!
2. If you get stuck choosing an idea, make a note of your competitors’ sidebars and their TOP blog posts.
3. Find your future target audience. Make friends with at least 50 fellow bloggers who share your interests.4. Choose a primary keyword and at least 3-5 relevant keywords. Consider the words and phrases your competitors that hold TOP positions based on these queries use the most often.
4. Choose a primary keyword and at least 3-5 relevant keywords. Consider the words and phrases your competitors that hold TOP positions based on these queries use the most often.
5. Check the competition by the primary keyword. The number of monthly searches might be small if your competitors are weak. MozBar is the best helper in that.
6. Check out what kind of content is used by those who are already in the TOP 10 in search results. Are those How-to posts, or maybe List-posts? What is the length of the content? 2,000 words? More?
7. Think in advance about how you will be promoting your post. Find communities and groups where your target audience is the most active. They should preferably be based on a voting system, as you can come through.
8. Let everybody know that you published a new post: your friends, online friends, social media friends, those whom you mentioned in your post, new audiences that are interested in your topic (commenters on this topic on other blog posts).
9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be honest. All bloggers have been there, and they’ll understand that you need support as you promote your first blog post.

nBzZGeuEEli Seekins

Getting started is tough. You get excited. You imagine getting all these comments and shares. But it usually doesn’t work out that way. People won’t come out of nowhere to read your blog. That’s not how it works. The 3 things you need to get traffic from your first couple posts are:

1.) A Plan – it doesn’t need to be perfect. You just need to know the general direction you’re going in, like your goals. Discovering your niche is a great place to start.

2.) Epic Content – let’s be honest, if your content sucks, who’s going to read it? You need to create a valuable post if you want it to get traffic and engagement.

3.) A Marketing Campaign – you don’t need to spend money or anything like that, but you need to promote your post. If you don’t, then no one will find it. That’s just the truth. Check out How I Got 103 Shares and 42 Comments When I Had Zero Traffic and No Email List.

If you want to take it a step further do some keyword research and learn a little about SEO. The most impactful thing you can do to get traffic even when you’ve only just started is to connect with top influencers in your niche. It’s a huge win if they share your content. That’s why you should write for them in the beginning, and why expert roundup posts are so great.

2fl7MUaXMeera Kothand

The best way to get traffic to your first few posts is to guest post on authority sites with a similar audience to yours. A well-planned guest posting strategy and a nicely optimized bio at the end of your guest post can boost your blog traffic and get much-needed eyeballs on your posts. Paid ads are also a good solution for a new blog. You can run promoted pins on Pinterest or Facebook ads for as little as $3-$5 a day.
But knowing what you want to do with the traffic you get is important for your ads or guest posting strategy to be successful. Do you want to capture new leads for a sales funnel or convert some of that traffic into blog subscribers? Knowing your end goal will help you be successful in both these strategies.

Michael Karp

Getting traffic from your first few blog posts starts before actually writing them.

You need to research content that is already proven to do well in your niche and with your target audience. Then you need to find distribution channels and tactics (Facebook groups, Google+ communities, email outreach, etc) and create a promotion plan. This article has a ton of traffic generation tactics.

This gives you a plan that’s practically guaranteed to drive traffic before you even begin writing.

David Attard

If you want to drive traffic to a new blog, my recommendation is that you do the following.

1. Discover what questions people in your niche is asking. What is their intent when they will visit their blog? What is the problem that they have and you will help them solve.
2. Start writing, excellent, long informative posts around the topic you want to focus on. You’ll need to make sure that the content you write is better than all of the content which is available on the internet right now.
3. Market that post. Use the 80-20 rule, where you spend 80% of your time marketing the post as opposed to just 20% writing it. Or in other words, you have to spend at least 4 times as much time marketing the blog as you spend writing it. If you want to get good traffic to the blog, the post has to be endorsed by other users in your niche, through social sharing and linking from other websites. The best thing is to focus most of your promotion with websites who would be willing to market your excellent blog to their users. Most of all, focus on attracting the attention of large players in your niche.

4. Given enough promotion, your first few posts should start ramping up some good traffic.

Hope this helps.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Starting a blog nowadays is much difficult to what it was a few years back. It’s a common struggle to get traffic right from the beginning and that’s where many newbies fail and get demotivated. However, I feel that if one applies the right strategies from the first post itself, he/she can easily start getting traffic right from the beginning first 2 months.

I directly refer to the sweet steal technique that I wrote a few months ago. This technique for me is the only answer to build traffic right from the beginning. The best part of this method is that you don’t have to do build links to get traffic.

The whole idea is to research keywords that other new websites are gaining traffic from and then writing a whole new piece on your own site. I usually do this and have taken my site from 0 to 1000 daily views in a very short time with absolutely no backlinks.

Ryan Biddulph

1: Figure out why you’re blogging.Tie the reason to something fun and something freeing. Blog your passion. This passionate energy drives you through peaks and valleys with your new blog.

2: See your ideal reader in mind. Identify their pain points. If you see your reader clearly they can see you clearly, meaning, it’s easier for them to find you online. List their struggles, worries, fears and problems. Address these problems with your blog posts.

3: Create long form, thorough blog posts. Build your reputation and drive traffic by over delivering. Learn SEO techniques to drive more passive, search, targeted traffic to your blog.

4: Connect with leaders in your blogging niche by tweeting their posts, by sharing their posts on social media and by writing in-depth, helpful comments on their blogs. Form friendships with successful bloggers because these blogging big dawgs will open doors for you leading to increased blog traffic. You’ll also learn how to succeed with your blog from these successful mentors.

5: Keep at it. Traffic, like most everything in life, grows in a steady fashion. Stick to the fundamentals. Build your blogging community and drive more folks to your blog by creating thorough, helpful content and by connecting with blogging leaders.

Umesh Kumar Singh

Building a blog is easy, the difficult part is to bring targeted audience to it.
I have two advice for you that helped me to get targeted traffic, and I’m sure it will help you, too.

#1. Discover the right people and build a relationship with them – This is a fail-proof tip if you want targeted traffic to your website.
You’re probably wondering.
How can I find the perfect people?
Don’t worry, I will help you with that.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Create accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus. If you’re not already on these sites.
Step 2. Complete your profile and with all the important details (Name, address, education, and bio.)
Step 3. Upload a high-quality profile image. It should be same for all sites.
Step 4. Join the active groups with lots of members.
Step 5. Once then accept your request, participate in discussions. Participating in discussions will help you to build a healthy relationship with influencers and other bloggers in your niche.
Step 6. When they start interacting with you, you can share your blog post in those groups.

I have used it for my blog and it brought me 1000 targeted visitors and 42 subscribers in one week.

#2. Comment on other bloggers’ website in your niche Blog commenting is essential for new bloggers to build a relationship with others. When you comment on other bloggers not only the blog owners visit your website, but also their audience do the same.
Remember, when you are doing blog comment, write it in-depth and related to that post’s topic. Doing so increases the chance of comment approval.
Avoid generic comments such as thanks for sharing, this post made my day, useful information, etc.
Instead, take some time and read the complete post and understand what is the post about?
Once you understand then write your comment. If you already have written a blog post on the same topic your blog. Share the direct link to that post in the comment and mention how can it be useful to their readers.
If you properly follow these two methods, you will be able to bring some high-quality traffic as well as leads.

Good Luck and happy blogging. 🙂


Shae Baxter

If I were starting all over again I would be writing one in-depth, high-quality long-form post per month. With every client I work with, my intention is to always blow all the existing content on a topic out of the water and to produce something that will be the best search result/answer on that topic. If I believe that cannot be achieved, then I don’t pursue it – I’m not ever going to create something that’s only going to be a second best version of something else.

Some specific things I focus on are:

– Make it specific as possible. Cover a specific sliver of a larger discussion/topic and go deep on that. For example, don’t write about: “How To Build A Lifestyle Business” – that’s an entire blog. Instead take a specific sliver of that topic, for example, the starting phase, and talk about: “From Corporate Drone To Coffee Snob: How One Entrepreneur Quit Her Job And Made $3000 In 4 Weeks By Selling Coffee.” Hopefully, you get the drift.

Don’t create content around topics that are too broad or high-level because you will just end up creating generic, boring content. That’s what most people do and you can’t afford to do that in 2016 and beyond. Come up with specific ideas that resonate with your audience and even focus on writing case studies.

– Feed into Google’s Hummingbird. Hummingbird loves content. Type in some keywords into and to find the top questions being asked by people across your niche and create content based on the answers to these questions. (Credit to Jerry West for this fab tip that I now religiously use.) You will literally be giving Google and your readers what they want to know.

– Don’t ignore basic SEO. Keywords and on page optimization are still important. You want to make sure your content is findable and you can reach new audiences. So pay attention to choosing the right keywords, and crafting a compelling title and description tags. If you focus on these things, you will get more clicks and without clicks, you don’t get traffic.

Marius Kiniulis

One of the best traffic strategies I found so far was featuring influencers in my blog posts and outreaching them to let them know about it.
For example:
And the only thing I did promoting this blog post was – outreaching all the influencers mentioned in this blog post to let them know that I have featured them in an article on my blog.
The results?
It speaks for itself:
This post got about 5,000 visitors in the first 14 days and 40 backlinks from other blogs.

You can also check my blogger outreach article to see the exact process how I have achieved that.

Last Words

Only write on the topic in which you excel. As you it’ll not be boring for you and you could write in more detail. Do a proper research on the topic, read your competitors post and try to write better than them. And one more thing, if you liked this post and want more posts like this, don’t forget to subscribe 😉

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