Stop there if you are using Hacked or Nulled WordPress Theme!

There are many excellent WordPress Theme and Plugins which you want to use for your blog to make it better regarding SEO, Visuals, etc. but most of the themes and plugins which you like and want to use are premium, and you can’t or don’t want to spend that amount of money. So, in that case, you google for the hacked or nulled WordPress theme and plugins but stop there! You mustn’t use nulled WordPresss theme and plugins. Here’s the reason why.

Reason for not using Hacked or Nulled WordPress Theme and Plugin

This usually happens with beginners. They search for good themes, and if they like any theme, and it is premium, they find nulled WordPress theme and use it. But they don’t know how harmful it is for their blog and SEO. Think it like this; you bought a premium WordPress theme for your blog. Will you give to anyone or upload it on the internet for free? Of course not! You bought it with your hard-earned money so why would you just give it. Like this why would anyone upload it on the internet for you to use it and that also for free. So, why they upload it for free? They inject Malicious code and scripts into it with which they can get or steal your information, blog details and maybe you login credentials! They can harm your blog, delete content, redirect your users to any spam blog and possibly can take down your blog. If you continue using Nulled WordPress theme and plugins, your web hosting account could get suspended (maybe for forever!).

So what should I do?

If you want to use premium theme and plugin, buy it. It is the only solution. Or check for the free lite version of the premium theme you want as many premium themes have got it.  You can also browse through a wide range of themes which are available on WordPress. There are many good SEO optimized free themes that you will like. Use them and wait for your blog to gain traffic and earn money. And when you got some money buy your favorite theme. So do not ever use hacked or nulled theme as it can brutally harm your blog. We will be publishing an article on WordPress best free themes soon.

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