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Why Blog and How to Start Your Own Blog

Want to Start Your Own Blog? In this step-by-step article, I will show you the easiest way to start your own blog. Along with it, I will also answer some most commonly asked questions about starting a blog like which domain and hosting provider to use, which blogging platform, free vs paid etc. But First, […]

How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog for Beginners [+10 Expert Tips]

According to stats provided by Technorati, a massive Internet search engine specifically for searching blogs, a new blog is created and set up every half a second. If we calculate it for a day, then it gives 172,800 new blogs every day! And to compete with these new blogs and outrank popular one’s, the solution is not to […]

How to Increase WordPress Upload Limit

Sometimes you need to upload a file to your WordPress blog which is more than 2M, but your default file upload limit does not allow you to do so. For example, if you want to upload music, video or any ebook written by you which is more than two 2M, this limit actually does create […]


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