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How to Rename WordPress login URL Easily

Rename Wordpress login url

The default WordPress login page URL (i.e. is a bit insecure because anybody who uses WordPress can get to your login page and try out the login credentials. So to protect it, you can rename  WordPress login…

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Is your WordPress Blog safe from hackers?

Wordpress blog safe - featured

As we know, nothing is safe from hackers and same is with, WordPress, the most powerful CMS(Content Management System). It is an open-source platform and about 74 million sites. WordPress is not the safest CMS as compared to…

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Check Your Website Speed with these free tools

Website Speed featured

In this article, I’m going to share with you free tools for checking your website speed for both desktop and mobile. Website speed(loading) is equally important as your site’s content. If it is not loading fast, then the user…

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Stop there if you are using Hacked or Nulled WordPress Theme!

Nulled Theme WordPress

There are many excellent WordPress Theme and Plugins which you want to use for your blog to make it better regarding SEO, Visuals, etc. but most of the themes and plugins which you like and want to use are…

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